AirPlug is Leading the Technologies for Connected Cars


AirPlug is a pioneer in automotive Service Oriented Architecture developing technologies for connected cars.

  • Our SOA-based connected car solutions enable,
  • always best-connected vehicles,
  • efficient deployments of new vehicular functions,
  • and application-driven vehicle feature customization.

Solution Overview

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Solution suite for the design, implementation, test and verification of SOA.

Application Software Management

Solutions for the development of SOA-based vehicle applications.

Gateway to Multi-cloud

Software solution equipped with functions required for connecting in-vehicle applications to cloud servers.

Advanced In-Vehicle Network

Solutions for dynamically-defined Ethernet IVN facilitating policies for QoS, application, external communications and security.

Product Overview

SoA Design & Deployment Tool

A tool for service design, service instance deployment of vehicle SoA and collaborations between an OEM and tier suppliers for SoA

SOME/IP Protocol Tester

An automated tester for SOME/IP protocol stack conforming to SOME/IP standard and adaptable for OEM specifications

SOME/IP Protocol Analyzer

A tool for SOME/IP packet & timing analysis of traffic between all Service Instances in a network.

Service Communication Monitor

A verification tool for service communications with coverage including service location & relationship verification, data & timing accuracy checks and other design-deployment discrepancy monitoring.

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