AirPlug is a venture-backed technology company based in Seoul, Korea. We are focused on developing valuable technology solutions providing optimal connectivity for moving things including connected cars, robots, drones & smartphoneS. We are looking for great people to join us in buiding a globally successful technology company.

Why work at AirPlug?
Using mobile data is an essential part of our daily lives today, and utilizing mobile network resources effectively has become more important than ever. There are many business opportunities being created to utilize mobile network resources more efficiently. AirPlug provides an intelligent solution that effectively utilizes mobile networks for better service quality. Working in this rapidly growing area with talented AirPlug members will be a great opportunity to turn your smart ideas into reality.
Position Opened
– Network Programmer (C/C++)
– Network data analyst
– Server Developer
201 Songpa-daero, Songpa-gu,
Seoul 05854, Rep. of KOREA
T. +82-2-3454-1760
F. +82-2-508-4704
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