AMS-V is a solution package for mobile video service. It makes video applications ‘Always Best Connected’ over heterogeneous networks, resulting in QoS based data offloading, better user experience and less data charge. It comes with a basic package or an advanced package according to customers’ needs.

AMS-V supports video on demand and live video streaming. By integrating AMS-V into video applications using cellular and Wi-Fi networks, the applications can use multiple features provided by AirPlug. The basic package of AMS-V includes an adaptive network selection feature that provides seamless video service while switching networks among heterogeneous wireless networks. It also provides the delivery mechanism most suitable for currently available networks.

AMS-V advanced package includes features such as Service Availability Indication (SAI), Heterogeneous Network Blending (HNB) and service analytics. Through AMS-V advanced package, end users will be able to see if the current network status is adequate for video service before starting their video contents. Mobile operators can provide faster video contents delivery by blending cellular and Wi-Fi networks adaptively. AMS-V advanced package includes analytic function that shows the performances.