As vehicle is evolving, vehicle data communication including in-vehicle network communication, external connectivity and inter-service communication is becoming the core of every advanced vehicle. AirPlug provides critical solutions for designing, implementing and testing vehicle data communication as follows.

  • CC Simulator is a software platform where the end-to-end data flow of connected service is implemented in a separate digital space. The simulator is used to evaluate the effect of connectivity policy or new communication technologies, to design or diagnose connectivity problems of mobile services. Currently AirPlug is providing an end-to-end simulator for connected cars, where in-vehicle network, head unit, mobile network and car cloud are simulated.

  • AirSocket, a client software, always makes the best autonomous or policy based mobile network selection (whether cellular 3G, 4G or in and out of network such as Wi-Fi) offering the most robust experience for web browsing, multimedia streaming, data collection and data transfer at lower cost.

  • AirPlug provides IVN design solution including the traffic performance simulation of In-Vehicle Network(IVN) mixed with CAN/CAN-FD/Ethernet/AVB/TSN. The simulation results can used to design optimal protocol conversion solution for IVN gateway, the integral component of vehicles utilizing CAN & Ethernet. Also IVN traffic monitoring and dynamic configuration solutions for heterogeneous IVN are provided for developing advanced vehicle network.

  • AirPlug provides vehicle SOA design solution and SOME/IP protocol which enabling the service oriented communication from legacy CAN ECU to external services in car cloud. Our application unit controller helps Car OEMs to design complex relationships of services efficiently. The application unit controller also can be combined with our SOME/IP packet analyzer which capturing and analyzing SOME/IP packets in SOA design or test stage.