In the era of the Internet of things, everything will be connected. Without connectivity, most of the communication services cannot be provided properly. Especially connectivity will be important for moving things including vehicles, robots, drones and handheld devices.

However, mobile networks are not always available. They have down times, limited coverage, and limited bandwidth. How to utilize mobile networks is becoming the key success factor of mobile services. The a

Furthermore, AirPlug takes into account not only the best user experience but also the cost optimization to reduce the operation cost of service providers. To make this possible, AirPlug is providing an end-to-end architecture called “Self-Optimizing Connectivity” through which the policy for connectivity is proposed, evaluated and executed in a recursive manner to find optimal connectivity. “Self-Optimizing Connectivity” consists of AirPlug’s three main products as follows.

  • AirSocket, a client software, always makes the best autonomous or policy based network selection (whether cellular 3G, 4G or in and out of network such as Wi-Fi) offering the most robust experience for web browsing, multimedia streaming and data collection and transfer.

  • DD Insight, a mobile network analysis and optimization solution, provides information about the mobile networks around users and mobile things. This information is used to find the best policy for utilizing mobile network or to optimize the mobile network itself. Also, DD Insight can provide the intelligence for AirSocket in accessing mobile networks.

  • CC simulator is a software platform where the end-to-end data flow of connected service is implemented in a separate digital space. The simulator can be used to evaluate the effect of connectivity policy or new technologies, to design or diagnose connectivity problems of mobile services. Currently AirPlug is providing an end-to-end simulator for connected cars, where in-vehicle network devices, head unit, mobile network and car cloud are implemented.